Connected Stores: The Next Step in the Retail Revolution

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Connected Stores is all about transforming physical retail through technology that connects it all to create the next-generation store.

The Gap Between Physical and Digital Retail

Physical stores offer a unique experience. There’s something special about walking into a fashion store, touching the items, picking them up, getting inspired by designs, colors and textures, and getting personal by trying them on. But physical stores can also feel isolated: a space where nobody knows you, store associates are often unavailable, items are hard to find or unavailable and checkout lines are long. You just have no connection, the emotionally positive and personalized connection that you have gotten accustomed to when shopping online. 


Phygital Retail: Connecting Physical & Digital Retail

Retailers face the same gap between physical and digital. Where online gives fashion retailers visibility and the ability to make data-driven decisions to optimize the customer journey and improve engagement and conversion, physical stores still don’t. Brick-and-mortar fashion stores rely mainly on manual processes, with no real-time inventory or a way to explore the in-store customer journey and sales funnel. Retailers have no real-life information about what customers are interested in, engaging with, and trying on.

For customer journey experience, executives have no choice but to depend on snapshot data, fragmented information and assumptions. 

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Phygital expectations

In an era driven by technology, consumer behaviors and expectations rapidly shift and evolve. E-commerce marketplaces, social commerce, digital stores and apps have turned consumer expectations into a mix of physical and digital. Now shoppers in brick-and-mortar stores have come to expect digital-level availability, frictionless experience, personalization and convenience. 


While consumer behavior and expectations have shifted, physical stores have remained essentially the same. Just imagine you could combine the personalization, frictionless experience, visibility, and streamlined processes offered by online shopping with the authentic contact, sensory experience and engagement that happens in a physical store.


You get the best of both worlds. 

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Connected retail innovation

It’s time technology transforms physical stores to create a reality of powerful connections and fully adapt to phygital retail. At Nexite we call it “Connected Stores”.


At the heart of Connected Stores is Nexite technology.  The Nextie solution takes patented NanoBT (Bluetooth) tags, fixed readers, and a cloud-powered platform – and creates new connectivity. The small, inexpensive, and battery-free patented smart retail bluetooth tags are attached to each item and automatically send information to the cloud. Straight out of the factory, during transport, in warehouses and stores, your goods communicate their exact location. You get real-time inventory with zero manual labor. Yet, however significant, there’s so much more. 


No more just hanging there. Now each item communicates in real-time. Connect with the white dress to know exactly where it is at all times, aligned to consumer behavior: Did shoppers interact with it? Try it on? Did they leave it behind in the fitting room? You get customer journey analytics: impressions, engagement, intent, abandonment, and conversion.


Running low on items? Get alerts to let you know they need restocking. Having the busiest day of the year? You can still see where each item is at any moment in time. No guessing, no assumptions, from merchandise to shelves and stores. 


All the data is aggregated on the Nexite platform, where retail data analytics is leveraged to offer next-gen actionable insights and scalable solutions. 

Take it to the Nexite level

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Now that you have analytics and data-driven insights, you can optimize your physical store, a cluster of stores, or the whole brand. 


Embrace the power of Connected Stores to revolutionize fashion retail. Position in-store fashion to maximize merchandise performance.


Optimize store layout and displays according to the customer journey. Tailor your store to your shoppers and localize it. Reduce shrinkage with a system that incorporates electronic article surveillance (EAS) security.


Offer your customers super-fast, frictionless self-checkout and returns. Support fulfillment options like BOPIS or ship-from-store premium services. Promote personalization.


Drive operational and staff efficiencies. Improve supply chain decisions, and build up new capabilities. 

Connected Stores - The Nexite Connection

Incorporate the Nexite first-of-its-kind solution and create new connectivity that drives customer value and retail excellence. Because at Nexite we understand connection is powerful stuff. 


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