Willy Rotstein, CSO

“As a salesperson, your number one goal is to solve a big pain-point for your customer. After more than 20 years in the retail segment I can honestly say I’ve never had the opportunity to work on a product that not only solves such major problems, but can completely transform an entire market. It’s exciting to explore with our customers the new revenue streams we’re enabling for them. And the greatest pleasure is hearing again and again how customers describe our solution as “magic”.”

Raviv Cohen, Director of Hardware

“Nexite, not for the faint of heart. Ever since Nexite was founded, it’s presenting us with the opportunity to create something new and exciting, while facing great challenges, sometimes seeming impossible. Since “impossible” is not an option, we always strive to find the out-of-the-box solutions, so much so that it sometimes feels like we are bending the laws of physics. Surrounded by a highly capable, smart and resourceful group, I find Nexite a fertile ground for new ideas limited only by our imagination- “if it ain’t hard, it ain’t worth doing”..”

Ran Polager, Director of Product

“We all know it’s about a team’s work. Usually the “team” is your everyday software group working with the Product and sales teams. But at Nexite it sometimes feels like we’re building four companies, not just one- a Silicon company, a Tag and Hardware company, a Software company and a Data company. So coordinating the team means working with software, system, hardware and silicon people, each and every one of them highly capable and professional, and all of us working towards a single goal- providing a full solution to reinvent retail.”

Arnon Klein, Software Architect

“”Scalability” is almost a cliché in today’s software industry. Everyone’s talking about Big Data, and all Cloud providers claim they can solve every problem you might have with flexible compute and storage, and the right services. But when “scale” means tens of Billions tags sending tens of Billions of messages that need to be transmitted, processed and acted upon every hour, you have to rethink the entire architecture from scratch.”

Sharon Malevsky, Chip Engineer

“When I first joined Nexite, I was given a design task that three external consultants told us was “impossible”. It took several months and a lot of trial and error, but in the end I’ve tested my design in Silicon and it works. This is what I love most about our culture, the “can-do” attitude.”

Ido Berkovich, Software Developer

“It’s all about the data. Data that didn’t exist before, because there was no way to collect it. Data from the real world, rivaling and sometimes exceeding what is available on e-commerce. Analytics and insights that open up new possibilities that were hard even to imagine until now. This is a brand new and exciting playground for us to explore.”

Idan Yahav, Director of Silicon

“One of the most amazing things at Nexite is the pace of innovation. After less than a year on the job it felt like I created enough new design to fill 50 journal articles and a couple of PhD dissertations. The challenges of ultra-low-power design, orders of magnitude below what the rest of the industry is doing, are forcing you to re-think everything you know, to the point that even the most obvious things sometimes need to be invented again. And whenever you face a problem that seems insurmountable, there’s someone there to help with new angles and ideas. At Nexite it’s all about inventing things no one tried before- always breaking new ground.”

Igal Gollubov, Hardware Engineer

“You’d think it should be easy, right? People have been testing Silicon radios for decades now. But at the low power levels we’re working at even the Test Equipment is not accurate enough. So we have to design our own tests and methodologies, sometimes even our test equipment, from zero. And everyone is always happy to help (even our office manager is sometimes found working in the lab), with the same shared goal at everyone’s top priority.”

Leading Fashion Retail Conglomerate

“What Nexite offers helps me manage my inventory much much better but also help me with new revenues – because it’s all connected”

Leading High-end Retailer

“Nexite provides a way to digitally understand where the product is and that accelerates processes for us.”