Nexite Expands Physical Store Digitalization With Latest Release of Its Connected Retail Platform


Nexite’s updates will expand the modules within its Connected Retail Platform, which includes Connected Merchandise, Connected Operations, and Connected Stores


TEL AVIV, Israel, June 26, 2023 – Nexite, the pioneering data platform for real-time in-store intelligence and truly seamless retail shopping, announced today new updates to its Connected Retail Platform. This includes improved software and hardware platforms, upgrades to Connected Merchandise, expanded features in Connected Operations, and new offerings in Connected Stores. The new updates will contribute to Nexite’s mission to reinvent physical retail stores into live digital experiences that drive profitability, efficiency, and brand loyalty.

Nexite Expands Physical Store Digitalization

Nexite’s new technologies include but are not limited to:


  • EAS secure Mobile ‘Scan & Go’ Self-Checkout, enabling retailers to implement secure mobile self checkout into their branded apps. 


  • Frontline Staff Task Management to automate store staff inventory and stock management tasks, and offer live store heat maps with real-time product find.


  • Improved performance and cost reductions to Connected Merchandise solution. 


  • Improvements to inventory management processes with greater automation, real-time inventory accuracy, and availability, and in-app gap investigation.


  • Real-time anti-theft measures for more effective loss prevention, which includes new 2.0 overhead readers with enhanced AOA (angle of arrival), technology for next-gen location tracking accuracy, and EAS-anti-theft capabilities.


Nexite’s new features span across important integrations such as mobile self checkout that enables customers to skip the hassle of checkout lines and staff task management that gives retailers detailed, real-time visibility into stock count on the item level across the chain.


These updates allow for optimized store efficiency, inventory management that goes beyond RFID’s current abilities, cost reduction, increased localization, and better understanding of how customers are interacting with merchandise at the local store level. It also addresses the current challenges around retail employee retention through its ability to empower store associates with the automated tools they need to eliminate tedious, manual tasks.

"While RFID has been extremely beneficial to inventory management, we wanted to take it a step further by connecting the retail organization through digitization, data, and AI-led solutions for better connection with each other and most of all, their customers.”
Anat Shakedd
Anat Shakedd
Co-Founder & CEO, Nexite

“Retailers today have visibility and data in bits and pieces across their channels and operations,” said Anat Shakedd, CEO & Co-founder of Nexite. “With Nexite retailers have an enterprise wide picture of what’s happening with their merchandise in real time to increase margins and prevent shrinkage. While RFID has been extremely beneficial to inventory management, we wanted to take it a step further by connecting the retail organization through digitization, data, and AI-led solutions for better connection with each other and most of all, their customers. By better understanding your customers’ behavior, you’ll be able to remove the friction in the customer experience and see greater profitability due to stronger brand loyalty.”


Retailers are facing more challenges than ever before due to rising inventory and labor costs, lack of understanding into store performance on a store-by-store level, and an unfulfilling customer experience resulting from limited visibility into inventory. This has placed even more importance on retail technology that offers an all encompassing solution to these daily pain points and helps brands maintain and grow the success of their business.


These updates, which are all rooted in Nexite’s NanoBT solution, are enabling the next generation of retail technology. This takes in-store retail tech and visibility into in-store customer behavior to new heights by helping retailers to create a reimagined retail experience that is digitally connected from the stitches of a merchandise item to a purchase made by a satisfied customer. 

About Nexite

Nexite’s pioneering Connected Retail Platform delivers invaluable, first-of-its-kind real-time in-store sales intelligence aligned to customer behavior analytics for sales optimization. Leveraging world class engineering expertise, Nexite’s platform comprises battery-free, long-range communication technology that provides a continuous stream of data, automatically and in real-time. Nexite maximizes merchandise performance to drive store revenues for all physical retail markets, and enables completely frictionless shopping including seamless checkout and returns.