Future of the Brick and Mortar Store

With ecommerce and the digital acceleration brought about by COVID-19, many predicted that the days of the brick and mortar store would have been numbered. But the ...

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The Connected Retail Platform in 60 Seconds

With our Retail AI solution, your brand has granular visibility of what’s happening with your customers and merchandise in-store and gives you actionable recommendations that increase sales, ...

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Connected Merchandise Product Tour

Connected Merchandise Tour

See how Nexite unlocks real-time data customer behavior insights to help you optimize merchandise and store performance.

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in-store technology patent

Video: Nexite’s Solution

Hear CEO Anat Shakedd talk about the data challenges retailers face in their physical stores and how Nexite's solution is solving their biggest pain points.

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Introduction to nexite

Intro to Nexite – Video

Watch a video introduction to Nexite and its connected merchandise solution

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Meet the future of retail

Video: Connected Merchandise: Meet the Future of Retail

Frictionless mobile checkout. Phygital in-store shopping experiences. Store windows that turn into a new sales channel. Anything is possible with the magic of Connected Merchandise

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