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How Technology Is Making The Retail Industry More Efficient And Improving The Customer Experience

Forbes: How Technology Is Making The Retail Industry More ...

[Forbes] As consumers show more of an interest in shopping in-person, there is an increased need to make the shopping experience as seamless as possible.

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Technology Can Revive Retailers' In-Store Appeal

Forbes: Technology Can Revive Retailers’ In-Store Appeal

While brick-and-mortar has been faced with many challenges that will inevitably continue, with challenges come key learnings. And those learnings start with innovation.

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Up Close: Anat Shakedd of Nexite

Up Close: In Conversation with Nexite CEO Anat Shakedd

Anat Shakked shares why brick-and-mortar retail is poised for digitization, and how it will impact the shopper's experience.

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Nexite listed as a top 2023 startup by C-tech calcalist

C-Tech: Nexite One of 50 Most Promising Startups in ...

This year’s list of the 50 most promising Israeli startups highlights companies with a real profit model.

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[My Total Retail} How personalizayion increases customer loyalty (and sales)

How Personalization Increases Customer Loyalty (and Sales)

[My Total Retail] Companies are starting to shift their strategies to place more of a focus on customer loyalty.

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connected merchandise

PR – Nexite Launches Its Connected Merchandise Solution

TEL AVIV, Israel, January 11, 2023 – Nexite, the pioneering data platform for real-time in-store intelligence and truly seamless retail shopping, today announced the launch of its ...

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