Certification and NPI Engineer,
Hardware team

Nexite is a leading startup, which comes to revolutionize the IoT for fashion retail space. We develop a platform that merges the physical and digital spaces for retail. Our innovative platform is based on cutting edge battery-less BLE tags that communicate with a cloud platform through an in-store wireless access network.  

We are looking for a Certification and NPI engineer to join our growing HW team. In his capacity as a certification engineer, this person will lead and promote nexite product certification process from the initial design and until HVM. On the NPI side – will take part in designing and ramping new and exciting, very high volume production lines, overcoming challenges in different domains such as RF, Analog and Digital.


Areas of responsibilities:

  • Be part of the NPI design and development team.
  • Focal point for all HW/product certifications process.
  • Joint work with various teams (RF IC, HW, antenna, system…) to make sure the full solution is optimized

What are we looking for?

3 years of NPI experience with production lines:
  • Writing technical engineering documents.
  • working with product trees, BOMs, ECOs etc.
  • Managing production line sub-contractors
  • Open minded that can learn new areas of expertise.
  • Knows his/her way around the lab for HW testing and verification.

Knowledge in running certification process:

  • RF based systems such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Cellular – advantage
  • Work with international certifications labs such ITL, Hermon or similar – advantage
  • Understanding the full set of tests and relevant standards: Radio, EMC, Product Safety, Environmental – advantage

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