Getting started with nexite

Getting Started with Nexite - Connected Retail

The onboarding process: Everything you need to know

We want to make it as easy as possible to connect your stores and merchandise for real-time intelligence and insights that impact your bottom line. That’s why we’ve put together the basics about the brand and store onboarding process: to help you get up and running with Nexite fast, and sync our technology with your business processes seamlessly.


A detailed timeline of the entire pilot process, from onboarding to rollout

nanobt tags & readers

How do they work? What’s the difference between NanoBT and RFID tags? Find out!

store installation

Design and plan your store installation with Nexite

tagging process

Learn about tagging options, tagging during pilot vs. rollout, and more

technical documentation

Request store technical requirements from Nexite’s team


See frequently asked questions about real-time tracking, our AI analytics and more



Nexite NanoBT (Bluetooth) tags are next-gen RFID tags, but better. Battery-free, compatible with any Bluetooth device, and up to industry Bluetooth standards, these tags will automatically track your merchandise location, movement, and customer behavior data, and transmit it to our overhead readers.

Nexite readers democratize RFID for retailers – outfitting an entire store with Nexite readers costs the same as 1 overhead RFID reader!

  • Real-time, fully automated inventory tracking
  • Cost effective compared to the leading automated RFID solutions
  • Built-in anti-theft;  works with existing EAS systems
Nexite Reader and Mini Reader

Designing & planning
your store installation

Planning & Approval – Nexite performs a site survey with your infrastructure team to plan a setup that meets your visual merchandising standards. We then provide an installation proposal for approval.

Reader Installation – Each store receives a store-specific installation plan. Readers are sent to the stores and installed.


  • Tagging can be done at the store or the distribution center. We’ll work with you to define the tagging process per category – including flexible tagging options during or after hours – for minimum disruption.
  • Initial Tagging is done with your team or using external resources.
  • Quick training for store staff on using store app for tagging, compliance with new incoming merchandise, ‘find an item’, etc.
  • Ongoing Tagging Process – Flexible options for tagging all incoming inventory (from DC and other stores) to minimize disruption to in-store.