Sell more merchandise, stock-out less, decrease markdowns and drive more profit than you ever thought possible. This is the power of Connected Merchandise.

Retail Has a New Trick Up Its Sleeve with Connected Merchandise

With Connected Merchandise, everything gets way, way smarter. Connected merchandise enables products to automatically tell you exactly where they are at every moment, presenting a real-time picture of what’s happening with your merchandise from manufacturing through the warehouse, stores, and beyond.


By combining merchandise location, availability and in-store consumer behavior analytics, the Nexite platform captures the product sales funnel: views, engagement, intent, abandonment and conversion. Now your physical stores have the same killer optimization tools of ecommerce to convert customers and drive sales.

See Connected Merchandise In Action:

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No more guessing. Know exactly how your customers are shopping right now. With the power of connected merchandise, you get real-time insights into which products catch your customers’ eye, which styles they try on, and which shelves they engage with most. Seamlessly optimize everything from product positioning to merchandising, ensuring that each shopping experience is perfectly tailored to your shoppers.


Nexite’s Connected Merchandise solution converts sales funnel metrics – availability, views, engagement, fitting room, and abandonment – into actionable insights to drive sales and merchandise performance. No more relying on assumptions or wishes. The Nexite Platform gives you continuous visibility to understand how store shoppers browse, interact, and make purchases, enabling you to optimize the sales funnel and exceed your KPIs.

Connected Merchandise

Merchandise Performance & Optimization

The Connected Merchandise Solution delivers metrics and analysis you can rely on for top merchandise performance. Access the innovative Nexite Platform to see trends early on and apply customer behavior analytics  to assortment planning decisions. Achieve in-season allocation accuracy down to the local store while decreasing overstock and markdowns. Review insights for styles, sizing, and color, and quickly take action on merchandise issues like design and pricing. Know exactly what’s on display and what’s in the backroom, and evaluate in-store heatmaps to improve space utilization. 


With Nexite visibility and cloud-powered analytics, you understand exactly why something is not selling and gain actionable  insights to optimize your revenue and increase profits.

Store Performance & Optimization

Make all your stores top performers. With connected merchandise, retailers can finally answer why one store outperforms another. With eyes into each store and sales funnel metrics per store, you can see where each store is challenged and know what you need to do to solve it. Now, you can take rapid action to improve across your clusters, across your chain.  


With Connected Merchandise you enhance the physical shopping experience with stores localized to their particular location, audience, format, and seasonal requirements. Actionable insights ensure that visual displays, merchandise allocation and shelf space is optimized to the customer journey. That’s perfect retail, giving your customers what they want, where and when they want it.


Nothing slips through the racks. Connected Merchandise gives you an overview like never before. Always know where products are, regardless of where it is:  warehouses, shipments, and stores. You never need to search for that “same size but in white”, or find a display gone wild ever again. Now, when customers ask, you’ll know exactly where products are available, and when online orders come in, you’ll ship them from the right place.


Never leave customers hanging. With Connected Merchandise you gain complete control of your inventory. Stock is automatically managed to reduce overstock or stockouts. Get instant alerts when shelves are feeling light, so you can restock on time, every time. Automatically receive new stock with automated inventory detection upon arrival in store. Manual inventory management is replaced with greater automation. No more time consuming stock audits, inventory counts, and merchandise receiving processes. Items are automatically detected and continually monitored from their arrival into the store, freeing up staff to act as brand ambassadors where it counts. 


When you take your store to the Nexite level, you reduce operation and labor costs and increase basket size and sales. 



Discover the breakthrough Connected Merchandise Platform that makes all the magic happen. From the barely-there NanoBT chip to the always everywhere Nexite Cloud, explore all the innovation powering the connected merchandise revolution.


Easily offer bricks-and-clicks to exceed your customers expectations no matter how and where they like to shop. Engage your customers with experiential retail like in-store endless aisle and secure, friction free checkout and returns. Imagine unlocking new  post-purchase revenue opportunities with applications like Connected Closet, concierge services, and product authenticity.

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