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connected merchandise NRF2023

Nexite Launches Its Connected Merchandise Solution To Deliver Customer ...

Nexite, the pioneering data platform for real-time in-store intelligence and truly seamless retail shopping, today announced the launch of its Connected Merchandise Solution

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Nexite NRF 2023

Nexite to Exhibit at NRF 2023: Retail’s Big Show ...

Nexite, the pioneering data platform for real-time in-store intelligence, is exhibiting its leading retail technology at NRF 2023: Retail’s Big Show Innovation Lab from January 15-17 in ...

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retail demand forecasting

Fashion Stores: Demand Forecasting Made Easy

Accurately forecasting demand is a key issue for brands, as crucial as it is difficult to achieve.

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connected stores

The Power of Connected Stores

Connected Stores is all about transforming physical retail through technology that connects it all to create the next-generation store.

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real time analytics retail

The Critical Value of Real-Time Retail Analytics in Fashion

Technology is rapidly transforming retail, shifting behaviors, expectations, and capabilities.

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in store technology patent

Nexite Announces Approval of 14 US Patents for Its ...

These patents, which cover Nexite’s tag, reader, and platform, present new offerings for consumers and meet data privacy mandates in the industry.

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self checkout fashion

On a Mission to Make Self Checkout All It ...

Nexite's advanced in-store technology helps fashion brands create a better checkout experience: seamless, frictionless, contactless.

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nano bluetooth technology retail

Benefits of In-Store Nano Bluetooth Technology for Fashion Retail

There is a lot of technology being used these days in fashion retail to help reduce costs, increase revenue, and enhance the customer experience. Not all tech ...

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What can retail stores learn from the eCommerce revolution?

A wide range of industries today are on the brink of a technological revolution. Fashion is one of them.

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