Nothing slips through the racks. With Live Merchandise, products
automatically tell you where they are, in real-time.

self checkout fashion

On a Mission to Make Self Checkout All It Can ...

Nexite's advanced in-store technology helps fashion brands create a better checkout experience: seamless, frictionless, contactless.

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connected merchandise platform

Next Generation EAS System

Today’s customers want more than in-store vs. online shopping. They expect an omnichannel experience.

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nano bluetooth technology retail

Benefits of In-Store Nano Bluetooth Technology for Fashion Retail

There is a lot of technology being used these days in fashion retail to help reduce costs, increase revenue, and enhance the customer experience. Not all tech ...

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What can retail stores learn from the eCommerce revolution?

A wide range of industries today are on the brink of a technological revolution. Fashion is one of them.

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