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Optimizing Assortments retail

Optimizing Store Assortments: The Role of Technology in Retail Management

What to offer and where, that is the question - and it’s one of the most basic problems in retail chain management. How to get the right ...

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Nexite to exhibit at booth #1154 at Shoptalk 2023

Nexite to Exhibit at Shoptalk 2023

Nexite, the pioneering data platform for real-time in-store intelligence, is attending Shoptalk 2023 in Las Vegas.

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RFID vs NanoBT

RFID vs. NanoBT Tags in Retail: Which One Is Right ...

To better understand in-store technologies and their respective benefits for retailers, we’ll examine and compare RFID vs. NanoBT tags. 

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test stores retail

How Retailers Can Turn Test Stores into Powerful Data Labs

In the era of customer-centric merchandising, retailers need to use their test stores as a lens into how customers engage with merchandise for smarter decision-making across the ...

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store inventory control

Store Inventory Control: Where Retailers Go Wrong, and How to ...

Store inventory control is crucial to your business, and optimizing it is essential to running a successful fashion brand. Yet optimization has been challenging as brands never ...

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loss prevention retail

Combat Loss Prevention with Retail Anti-Theft System

Accurately forecasting demand is a key issue for brands, as crucial as it is difficult to achieve.

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